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|''Just Dance 2 (DLC)''
|''Just Dance 2 (DLC)''
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|''Just Dance 4''
|''Just Dance 4''

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Just Dance Greatest Dances is a new game by Maximus Szczerbiak. It features songs from Just Dance 1+2+3+4+2014. It is so great with fun. The World Dance Floor is now available, and there is Downloadable content. It is in the game style of Remake Just Dance 3.

Track List

The game takes place with 30 fun songs. There is 1 exclusive mashup.

  • (E) means that it is on the Extra Songs menu.
Song Artist Difficulty Sweat Year Mode Menu Square Original Game
Firework Katy Perry Easy Normal 2010 Solo
Just Dance 2 (DLC)
On The Floor Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull Easy Normal 2011 Solo
Just Dance 4
Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen Easy Small 2011 Solo Callmemaybe.jpg Just Dance 4
Barbie Girl Aqua (Countdown Dee's Hit Explosion) Easy Attack 1997 Duet Barbiegirlsqa.png Just Dance 2 (DLC)
Futebol Crazy The World Cup Girls Easy Normal 2009 Solo
Futebol thumb@2x
Just Dance 2 (DLC)
Move Your Feet Junior Senior Hard Attack 2002 Solo
Moveyourfeet jdbo cover generic
Just Dance 2
Toxic Britney Spears Hard Small 2003 Solo Toxicsqa.png Just Dance 2
Starships Nicki Minaj Hard Normal 2012 Solo Starships_cover_generic.png Just Dance 2014
Dynamite Taio Cruz Easy Normal 2010 Dance Crew DynamiteJDWii2.png Just Dance 3
Spectronizer Sentai Express Medium Normal 2011 Dance Crew SPECS.png Just Dance 3
Where Have You Been Rihanna Hard Normal 2012 Solo Wherehaveyou_cover_generic.png Just Dance 2014
I Feel Love Donna Summer Easy Small 1977 Solo Ifeellove_jd3_cover_generic.png Just Dance 3
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley Easy Attack 1980 Duet Couldyoubeloved_cover_generic.png Just Dance 2014
Love You Like A Love Song Selena Gomez & the Scene Easy Small 2011 Solo Loveyoulike_cover_generic.jpg Just Dance 4
Mr. Saxobeat Alexandra Stan Easy Normal 2011 Solo Mrsaxobeat.jpg Just Dance 4
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger Medium Normal 2009 Solo

Jaiho jdgh cover generic

Just Dance 2 (Best Buy)
Katti Kalandal Bollywood Medium Normal 1980 Duet Kattikalandalsqa.png Just Dance 2
Cosmic Girl Jamiroquai Easy Normal 1996 Solo
Cosmicgirl thumb@2x
Just Dance 2
We Found Love (E) Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris Medium Normal 2013 Solo
CopacabanaMU Cover Phone
Exclusive Track
California Gurls Katy Perry Ft. Snoop Dogg Medium Normal 2010 Solo Cali_Gurls.png Just Dance 3
Venus Bananarama Easy Normal 1986 Solo Venusb_cover_generic.png Just Dance 3
D.A.N.C.E. Justice Medium Attack 2007 Solo Dance_cover_jd2.png Just Dance 2
Alright Supergrass Medium Normal 1995 Duet Alrightsqa.png Just Dance 2
Acceptable in the 80s Calvin Harris Medium Normal 2007 Solo Acceptablesqa.png Just Dance
Baby Don't Stop Now Anja Easy Small 2011 Solo Babydontstopnowsqa.png Just Dance 3 (PS3) (Also Wii DLC)
Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna Medium Normal 2010 Solo Onlygirl.jpg Just Dance 3 (Target Exclusive)
Disturbia Rihanna Hard Attack 2008 Solo Disturbia.jpg Just Dance 4
Fame Irene Cara (In The Style of Irene Cara) Easy Attack 1980 Solo Fame_thumb%402x.jpg Just Dance
Why Oh Why Love Letter Easy Small 2008 Duet
Whyowhy jd3 cover generic
Just Dance 2 (DLC)
Can't Get Enough Becky G Ft. Pitbull Medium Normal 2013 Solo Cantgetenoughdlc.jpg Just Dance 2014 (DLC)
Maniac Michael Sembello (Studio Allstars) Easy Attack 1983 Solo SJ9E41_7d08c6f1_14.png Just Dance 2 (DLC)

Removed Songs

These songs were going to be in the game, as seen in the files, but were removed for some unknown reasons.

Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square Original Game
DARE Gorillaz 2005 Solo Dare_jd3_cover_generic.png Just Dance
Down By The Riverside The Reverend Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets 1927 Solo
Riverside thumb@2x
Just Dance 2 (DLC)
Sway (Quién Será) Marine Band 2003 Duet Sway_thumb%402x.jpg Just Dance 2
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Wham! 1984 Solo Wakemeup_thumb%402x.jpg Just Dance 2

Extra Songs

These songs are unlocked as extras.

  • (C) means that the song is unlocked by revealing a code from the keyboard on the main menu.
  • (S) means that the song is unlocked by playing 25 songs from the original song list.
  • (A) means that the song is unlocked by playing all songs from the original song list.
  • (P) means that the song is a PAL exclusive (NTSC DLC).
Song Artist Difficulty Sweat Year Mode Menu Square Original Game
Girlfriend (A) Avril Lavigne Medium Attack 2007 Duet GirlfriendJDWii2.png Just Dance 2
Rasputin (C) Boney M. Hard Attack 1978 Solo Tex1_256x256_b5448977aa5b8212_14.png Just Dance 2
Marcia Baila (P) Les Rita Mitsouko Medium Normal 1984 Solo Marciabaila.jpg Just Dance 3 (PAL)
Diamonds (S) Rihanna Hard Small 2012 Solo Diamonds_now.jpg Just Dance 2015 (Unlockable song in game before that one)

Trailer Unlockable songs


The game has 3 mashups:

Downloadable Content

This game has downloadable content that will never be discontinued. Every song in the store cost $2.99.

  • (N) NTSC DLC.
Song Artist Difficulty Sweat Year Mode Original Game Menu Square Release Date
Good Girl Carrie Underwood Easy Normal 2012 Solo Just Dance 4 (NTSC + PAL DLC) Goodgirl.jpg May 19th, 2014
Want U Back Cher Lloyd featuring Astro Easy Normal 2012 Solo Just Dance 4 (Wii U)
May 19th, 2014
S.O.S. Rihanna Hard Normal 2006 Solo Just Dance 2 SOS_jd2_cover_generic.png May 19th, 2014
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) David Guetta Ft. Sia Medium Attack 2012 Solo Just Dance 2014
Shewolf cover generic
May 19th, 2014
Ring My Bell Anita Ward Easy Normal 1979 Solo Just Dance
Ringmybell jdgh cover generic
May 19th, 2014
Marcia Baila (N) Les Rita Mitsouko Medium Normal 1984 Solo Just Dance 3 (PAL) Marciabaila.jpg May 19th, 2014
Beauty And A Beat Justin Bieber Ft. Nicki Minaj Hard Normal 2012 Solo Just Dance 4
Beautyandabeatdlc cover generic
June 3rd, 2014
Satellite Lena Meyer-Landrut Easy Normal 2010 Solo Just Dance 3 (PAL)
June 3rd, 2014
Proud Mary Ike & Tina Turner Medium Attack 1971 Solo Just Dance 2 Proudmarysqa.png June 3rd, 2014
Moving On Up M People (The Lemon Cubes) Easy Normal 1993 Solo Just Dance 2 (DLC) Movingonup_jd2_cover_generic.png June 3rd, 2014
Boomsday Sweat Invaders Medium Attack 2011 Solo Just Dance 3 (DLC) Boomsdaysqa.png June 3rd, 2014
Dun N Dusted Jason Creasey (Sweat Invaders) Medium Normal 2011 Solo Just Dance 3 (DLC) DunNDusted_cover_generic.png June 3rd, 2014
You Make Me Feel... Cobra Starship Ft. Sabi Easy Normal 2011 Solo Just Dance 4 (Code + DLC)
June 3rd, 2014
Iko Iko Mardi Gras Easy Normal 1953 Solo Just Dance 2 Ikoiko_jd3_cover_generic.jpg June 3rd, 2014
I Like To Move It Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman (Groove Century) Medium Normal 1993 Solo Just Dance Iliketomoveitsqa.png June 3rd, 2014
Holiday Madonna (The Hit Crew) Medium Small 1982 Solo Just Dance 2 HolidayRemake.jpg June 3rd, 2014
E.T. Katy Perry Easy Normal 2010 Solo Just Dance 3 (Best Buy)
June 17th, 2014
Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera Medium Normal 2011 Solo Just Dance 4
Moveslikedlc cover generic
June 17th, 2014
Feel This Moment Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera Easy Small 2013 Solo Just Dance 2014 Feelthismoment_cover_generic.png June 17th, 2014
Follow The Leader Wisin & Yandel Ft. Jennifer Lopez Hard Normal 2012 Solo Just Dance 2014 Followtheleader_cover_generic.png June 17th, 2014
Crazy In Love Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z Medium Normal 2003 Solo Just Dance 2 Crazyinlove_jdnow_cover_generic.jpg June 17th, 2014
Satisfaction (Isak Original Extended) Benny Benassi presents "The Biz" Easy Small 2003 Solo Just Dance 2 Satisfaction_jdgh_cover_generic.png June 17th, 2014
I Need Your Love Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding Medium Attack 2012 Solo Just Dance 2014 (DLC) Ineedyourlovedlcupdated.jpg June 17th, 2014
Cercavo Amore Emma Medium Attack 2012 Solo Just Dance 4 (PAL) Amore.jpg June 17th, 2014
Crazy Christmas Santa Clones Medium Attack 2010 Solo Just Dance 2 (DLC) Xmas_thumb%402x.jpg July 4th, 2014
TiK ToK Ke$ha Medium Small 2009 Solo Just Dance 2 Tiktok_thumb%402x.png July 4th, 2014
The Power Snap! Medium Attack 1990 Solo Just Dance 2 Thepowersqa.png July 4th, 2014
Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles Medium Normal 1986 Solo Just Dance 2 Walklike_jd3_cover_generic.jpg July 4th, 2014
Who Let The Dogs Out? Baha Men (The Sunlight Shakers) Medium Normal 2000 Solo Just Dance Dogsout_jd3_cover_generic.jpg July 4th, 2014
Kids In America Kim Wilde Medium Attack 1981 Solo Just Dance Kidsina.jpg July 4th, 2014
Party Rock Anthem LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock Hard Normal 2011 Solo Just Dance 3 PartyRockJD3_Cover_Generic.png July 28th, 2014
Baby Girl Reggaeton Hard Normal 2009 Solo Just Dance 2 Babygirlsqa.png July 28th, 2014
Jump In The Line Harry Belafonte (The Sunlight Shakers) Hard Normal 1961 Duet Just Dance 2 Jumpinthelinesqa.png July 28th, 2014
Pound The Alarm Nicki Minaj Medium Attack 2012 Dance Crew Just Dance 2014 Poundthealarm_cover_generic.png July 28th, 2014
Rich Girl Gwen Stefani featuring Eve Easy Small 2004 Solo Just Dance 2014 Richgirl_cover_generic.png July 28th, 2014
Die Young Ke$ha Hard Small 2012 Duet Just Dance 4 (DLC) Dieyoungdlc.jpg August 4th, 2014
It's Raining Men The Weather Girls Medium Attack 1983 Solo Just Dance 2 Itsrainingmen_jd3_cover_generic.png August 4th, 2014
Funplex (CSS Remix) The B52's Medium Normal 2008 Solo Just Dance Funplex_jdnow_cover_generic.jpg August 4th, 2014


  • You can see that Maximus Szczerbiak wanted this game to be released in 2014.
  • In order to unlock Rasputin, you must enter the code bellow on the keyboard:
  • NOTE: You should type the code without clicking when the logo appears.
  • In the back cover, you can see the Down By The Riverside coach, which means the song not being available.



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