"Satellite" by Lena Meyer-Landrut as featured on Just Dance Greatest Dances as a DLC.

Appearance of the DancerEdit

The dancer is a woman with short blue hair, a short strapless dress with blue and purple panels separated by white curls and a large blue crescent moon, and pink leg strap wedges. She has a purple outline.


The scenery is a mystic horoscope place, containing blue clouds, stars, and Zodiac Sign symbols on a circular floor. It has stars which light up at points of the song. Also, there is a crescent moon on the top of the left that looks like the dancer's, and it stays there.

Gold MovesEdit

There is 1 Gold Move in this routine:

  • Gold Move: Raise both of your hands up slowly.


Game FilesEdit

In-Game ScreenshotsEdit

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