The World Dance Floor is the place to dance with players from all over the world! Why not dance with them?

How It WorksEdit

The World Dance Floor works by playing for special prizes and unlocking avatars. These are the things you can do on the World Dance Floor:

  • Find Dancers (Trailer watch required)
  • Send messages to other players
  • Use your avatar


You only use your avatar on the World Dance Floor. Here are some avatars:


These avatars can be unlcokable:

Unlocking criteriaEdit

Avatar Song Name Unlock criteria
Toxic avatar Dance to Toxic one time
Marcia Baila avatar Dance to Marcia Baila in the PAL region, buy Marcia Baila in the Store in the NTSC region
Love You Like A Love Song avatar Dance to Love You Like A Love Song one time
California Gurls avatar Dance to California Gurls one time
Mr. Saxobeat avatar Collect 100 stars in total, or reach level 50 on the dance floor
Where Have You Been avatar Collect 50 stars in total


These avatars were going to be in the game but were scrapped for unknown reasons.

Trailer Unlockable avatarsEdit

When you watched the trailer when you have the game, these avatars are unlocked:


  • The dance floor will never discontinue.
  • On the far back, the You Make Me Feel... coach appears. This happens only if you bought You Make Me Feel... in the shop. This happens to other DLCs, like Want U Back.
  • The On The Floor coach appears to. It also comes out when the song is playing on the Dance Floor.
  • The coach of Cosmic Girl is blonde, but the avatar is not. It was not supposed to.
  • Every song (in cluding downloadable content if bought the right song and extra songs) are played on the World Dance Floor.
  • We Found Love is not played on the Dance Floor because no mashups are played on it.
  • To get on the World Dance Floor you must click on the button in your medals.


Game FilesEdit

In-Game ScreenshotsEdit

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